Our asset managers specialize in managing investment performance by focusing on exit. We place the utmost importance on providing transparency to our clients and investors with the highest level of service, advice and data for understanding the performance of their investments. We also educate our clients to make the best decisions by offering solid performance metrics, analytics and reporting concerning liquidity events based on prevailing market conditions.
The asset managers are responsible for maintaining mortgages and escrows and analyzing financial statements. In order to achieve the expected returns as identified in the pre-acquisition business plans, our asset managers work closely with property management on the proprietary Vie Management budget template to ensure full compliance.
Vie Management has an extensive web based management system that allows real-time access to each property the asset manager oversees, and has an in-house team of expense and revenue managers that devote their full time to optimizing returns on each project.

 Asset Management Services Include:

  • Due-Diligence
  • Tax Review and Property Tax Evaluation
  • Property Management and Consultation on Development
  • Property Insurance Analysis
  • Development and Capital Improvement Supervision
  • Investor Reporting