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We offer customized community management to promote the implementation of business plans for principal investments and select third parties.  We bring a hospitality approach to managing your community where we make residents and guest feel they are receiving a unique living experience that meets their needs in the confines of their community.  Through this resident centered approach, we can make your community a destination desired by the most discerning of residents. 


We offer domestic and international capital an opportunity to achieve value added returns through our investment in and management of residential communities in the United States.   Our investment thesis targets under performing communities where we can implement our resident centered management and complement our team’s efforts with best in class investment in improved communities.  We deploy a proprietary approach to renovations and improvements that allows us to transform a community in short time frames thus creating attractive exit options to maximize return on invested capital. 



Vie Development, LLC takes pride in delivering top-notch quality and attention to detail throughout every project we acquire. VIE focuses on every detail within the client's vision and makes sure that vision is accomplished on time and on budget. We will be there to help every step of the process, from preliminary feasibility studies, to completed construction, pre-opening planning and post opening operation. You can have confidence in our development team. LEARN MORE


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