GlobeSt: Student Housing Portfolio Trades Using Shariah-Compliant Funding
CEO Ari Rosenblum connected with GlobeSt. to chat about the benefits of using Shariah-Compliant Funding. 

In a market where student housing deals are getting harder and harder to make, buying and repositioning a six-property portfolio wasn't the only big win for Vie, explained Ari. It was really how using international investors played a huge role in funding the deal. 

Ari took a deep dive into what it takes to secure this type of funding. "If they can pull this off, it can open up large sources of funding," he told reporter Les Shaver. 


Student Housing Business: Creating Value
CEO Ari Rosenblum and COO Derrick Milam sat down with Student Housing Business to discuss their unique mission and strategy for both their investment criteria and operations philosophy. 

Vie Management prides its self in being one of the original players in the "value-add" space and still has a strict definition of value-add as part of our core philosophy.  With nearly 20 years in the business, Vie currently owns and manages 6,000 beds and has had as many 50,000 beds in our portfolio in our history. 

Sitting down with editors Randy Shearin and Richard Kelley, Ari and Derrick talked about where Vie is headed and gave their thoughts on the crowded "value-add" space. 


Yahoo Finance: Vie Management Partners With Its Communities To Provide Bahamas Relief
Vie Management and its nine communities across the nation support those affected by Hurricane Dorian.Lucky to be spared from the storm the real estate investment company propelled both its corporate office and individual communities to provide relief for the Bahamas. 

"Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those affected by Hurricane Dorian," said Ari Rosenblum, Vie Management co-founder and CEO. "As we closely watched the projection of Hurricane Dorian and saw the destruction and devastation it left behind, we knew that we needed to help."

Yahoo! Finance shared more about how our individual communities rallied together to gather donations for those in need.