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After many years investing in real estate, Derrick Milam and Ari Rosenblum joined forces to create Vie Management. From their respective experiences, they developed a concept of bringing the value-added approach to enhancing the Millennial and Generation Z housing experience. The strategy materialized to address the emerging and demands of future generations when pursuing accommodations. 


The current housing stock and management approach for accommodations are woefully inadequate to meet the discerning needs of future generations but through their value-added approach, they created an unparalleled lifestyle experience for residents.  They decided on a health and lifestyle approach as an extension of their personal beliefs to meet the Millennial and Generation Z pursuit of health and well-being and created a brand that they and team named Vie (as in C'est la Vie). Vie would stand for a lifestyle of fitness with a hospitality approach to guest services where a resident can get everything the resident needs in the confines of the community.  Through this approach, Vie creates micro-communities where residents can realize their potential

Derrick Milam



Harold "Ari" Rosenblum


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